Featured CCA Grad Fine Arts Studio of the Week

My studio was featured on the Facebook page for California College of the Arts Graduate Fine Arts. Take a virtual tour and see what's going on in my studio.

This week we are in the studio with Leah Thomason Bromberg!
Leah is a second-year student from Fredericksburg, Virginia whose paintings and new sculptural works are a response to her family and the homesickness and nostalgia she feels living across the country. Most recently, Leah has been working on a series of paintings in which she is directly collaborating with her family members back in Virginia, specifically her sister, through text messages and phone conversations about what to add in her paintings, such as stories about her family’s heritage. Her paintings are currently an imagined, painted landscape which Leah and her sister must navigate through to slay a monster, the invasive snakehead fish, in Leah’s homeland of Virginia. Leah got the inspiration for this new series from one portion of the Navajo creation story in which a pair of demigod twins must save the first village of humans from destruction. She is also working with her dad in creating bird decoys, a common tool in hunting which Leah is familiar with. Next, Leah hopes to sculpt quail decoys, as there are quail species found in both California and Virginia.
Excited to see more of Leah’s work in the future! Stop by Hooper 3 to see more.