The Big Monster finally has himself a home

I was privileged to share the Hero Twins story with a family, which is a narrative I’m currently recreating for myself. I read them the children’s book, Monster Slayer by Vee Browne, which is the book I read when I was small. After seeing my paintings, one of their children re-wrote the story for his school project. His story is imaginative and pulls together so many different visual elements for me.  I was touched when his family gave me his story, which you can read below.

I’m really excited and honored that they have made my Big Monster painting part of their home as it lurks in a corner of their front hallway. The story of the Hero Twins is all about struggling to find your place, and it’s amazing to me to give my painting a home where kids let their imaginations run amok.

Once upon a time
there was a monster
he all ways ate
50,000,000 dere becuse
he loocked like a rock.
one day all the dere where gone!
He panicked I’m
going to starve!
5 sencharys lader
some dere came.
What luck thout
Rocky. Dinner! So he
ate all the dere.
Bones and all.
The end