San Francisco Bay Area artist Serena Cole has organized an amazing zine, TAKEOVER,  featuring artwork and thoughts on being female or genderqueer from 36 artists and 1 curator.  I’m so honored to be included!

There will be a limited copy at the pre-release at the SF ArtBook Fair this weekend at the Gallery 16 booth!

Stay tuned for official release art show!

My recent research and studio practice has been centered about beer-making, its politics, and history. I made a small painting on paper during the 2016 presidential election. It came to my attention that the owner of Yuengling (my go-to brew for east coast summers) had endorsed the Republican candidate who’d later become the American president. It was infuriating that even my beer was ruined in a way. 

Pour one out (he even fucked up my beer), 2016, oil on paper, 9.5” x 5”

Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote for the zine:

Mary asked what woman you admired—who would you want to meet? I tossed out Angela Merkel who feels like Europe’s last voice of reason. Now after thinking for a few weeks, I’d instead have a pint with Sister Doris Engelhard, head brew master and Franciscan nun at the Mallersdorf Abbey in Bavaria.

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about beer.

An individual deeply embedded in the religious life who is similarly dedicated to craft beer will always fascinate me. The strictures of a conservative Southern Baptist home and stereotype of indigenous peoples (“don’t be no drunk Navajo”) kept me from meeting beer until college. One of the central sacraments of Christianity is communion: the sharing of bread and wine. According to da Vinci’s ubiquitous painting, the first one was a typical, drama-filled party with backstabbing friends and whispered gossip. I can relate to Jesus stuck in the middle where, even at his own dinner party (his last supper), everyone’s grouped off to the opposite ends of the table, and he’s left with no one to talk to.



TAKEOVER is an art zine project created in 2017 by artist Serena Cole as a means of showcasing outstanding contemporary artwork by female and genderqueer artists which is often under-recognized, as well as an opportunity to foster important conversations about what it means to be a female or gender non-binary person today. TAKEOVER features artwork and thoughts by 36 artists and 1 curator working from a variety of locations such as London, New York City, Portland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Beaumont, TX.

TAKEOVER includes Teresa Baker, Kim Bennett, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Mia Christopher, Sydney Cohen, Serena Cole, Melissa Dickenson, Christina Empedocles, Kristin Farr, Terri Friedman, Rema Ghuloum, Bean Gilsdorf, Stef Halmos, Julie Henson, Elise Irving, Mary Anne Kluth, Koak, Danielle Lawrence, Ace Lehner, Lana Licata, Bruna Massadas, Brigid Mason, Em Meine, Ashley Stull Meyers, Maysha Mohamedi, Kate Nartker, Cate Nelson, Crystal Quinn, Megan Reed, Elizabeth Russell, Sky Shapero, Sarah Thibault, Leah Thomason Bromberg, Tracy Timmins, Jamie Vasta, Marci Washington, and Carmen Winant.